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Once a teacher...

Educators are known for being both students and teachers for life and ARTA members are no exception. Did you know that in addition to volunteering in schools and with students, there are many other opportunities for retirees to continue their lifelong interest in learning?

The Faulkner County Retired Teachers Association has developed a mock interview program for education graduates.

Each year, they coordinate with the education department of a local university to identify students who will be entering the field of education.

These students have the opportunity to sign up for the mock interview program, where they will be "interviewed" by former school superintendents, administrators and classroom teachers.

Participants get feedback that prepares them for job interviews, while members of the FCRTA enjoy meeting new teachers and offering them both practical and fun advice.

A+ Idea
Community Education
Find a Course
  • Churches
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Community & Senior Centers
  • Online
Teach a Course
Support lifelong learning by sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. Many of the organizations above are looking for lecturers, instructors, or group leaders. Check with an organization regarding its course needs and instructor criteria, or click here for ideas.
Tuition for Seniors
Arkansas Act 678 of 1975 provides for the waiver of tuition and fees at state-supported schools for students who are sixty years of age or older.
Some fees or restrictions may apply, but will still generally be less than the cost of tuition.
For more information, contact the financial aid office of the institution you are interested in attending.
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