Parsons-Burnett Scholarship Grants

ARTA awards the Parsons-Burnett Scholarship Grants each year to Arkansas public school employees for the purpose of furthering their own education.

Applications are accepted between March 15 and June 15 of each year.

Certified Employees


  1. Applicant must be currently employed as an educator in an Arkansas public school.

  2. Applicant must be working towards a specific graduate degree, endorsement or certification.

  3. Previous applicants may reapply.

  4. Requests for funds to pay off student debt are not eligible.


Evaluation Critera

  1. Academic record;

  2. Teaching performance;

  3. Innovation;

  4. Community service/extracurricular activity;

  5. Financial need.


Classified Employees


  1. Applicant must have three (3) years current employment at an Arkansas public school.

  2. Applicant must have at least three (3) years of service credit in the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System.

  3. Applicant must have at least 15 credit hours in an accredited college.

  4. Applicant must be working toward an Arkansas teaching license.


Evaluation Critera

  1. Academic record;

  2. Education plan and philosophy

  3. School/community involvement;

  4. Financial need.


Application Process

  1. Applications must be completed online.

  2. Supporting documents should be uploaded as part of the application when possible.

  3. Electronic transcripts may be sent directly to ARTA. Call 501-375-2958 for instructions.


Competitive Award Process

  1. Applications are reviewed by a committee of ARTA members.

  2. Awards are made to applicants with the highest scores according to the evaluation criteria.

   4. All applicants receive a letter regarding the status of their application.

   5. Awards are presented to recipients by appointment, preferably at a meeting within the local school district.

The Parsons-Burnett Scholarship Program was established in 1995. It was renamed in 1996 for Floyd Parsons and Johnnie Burnett.
To date, more than $185,000 in scholarship grants have been awarded. The program is primarily funded by donations and other contributions from ARTA members and their families.